Audience experiences at compost Bin!

"It's more of an experience than it is a show! What a fierce group of amazing talent with higher level soul sharing capabilities. Wow!"
-- Audience Samantha O.

"Bringing to light the oppressive structures and systems that harm folks globally AND makes you feel sexy? Only at a BRASS/Compost Bin show!"

-- Audience Leah P.
"The artists of brASS know what the people need to survive & thrive in this troubled world and they give it to us: Bombastic, soul-shifting, colorful content that makes no apologies for its politics and leaves no room for immobility."
-- Audience Shalva W.
"New parts of my soul are awakened each time I go."
-- Audience Lili M.
"If you haven't been to see BRASS/Compost Bin, you haven't seen the world as it should be"
-- Audience Ray D.